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Laughing Waters says:  My story very long, but I will try to be short. I was born in Ukraine during USSR period but I spend very little time there. My daddy is in military so we travel a lot and I have a choice to compare life in different countries. I learned very fast different traditions and cultures, study religions, but mostly my mind was always attracted to the legends and mythology. I start write poetry in very young age and it was always my passion. For past 20 years I been living in the USA and I start learning Japanese style poetry:  haiku, shahai, tanka, haibun. My mentor Nicholas Klatsinsky he is very knowledgeable and I am very thankful to him showing me the beauty of the haiku. As for my name I had near death experience and when doctors gave up on me and told my father take me home my father was so devastated by this news, so instead of pastor he asked family friend Walking Horse to see if something can be done.  Long story short she saved me.  I was given a honor to become her blood sister and she send me to the journey. After I came back to this world she told me that Great Spirit showed her that my name should be Laughing Waters. She is no longer in this world so I carry this name from now on.  This is how I got my Native name.

Sayeeda T Ahmad is a half-mad nomad who speaks her truths in poems on paper and on the stage. Dubbed the Resident Poet at Jatra Biroti in Dhaka, she is an ex-radio jockey, and winner of the Selina Terry Poetry Award and Muse Masters Season 2 Performance Poetry Award. 

When asked “will you teach, or teach, after graduation,” while studying Creative Writing at University of Northern Iowa, she said: “Publish, write, edit, repeat.” Exactly what she does in her day job at Dhaka Tribune, a daily newspaper, and after hours on her laptop. 

Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in ditch, Stone’s Throw, Six Season's Review, Wasafiri, Safina Radio Project, Allegro, Anomaly, and Plum Tree.

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  1. Laughing Waters, your story is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :-)